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  1. Where can I find regulations related to commercial vehicle safety? All relevant regulations can be found on the Ministry of Transportation website: Commercial Vehicle Safety Requirements. Please note that we do not provide advice but share information available on official platforms.

Trailers Made in Canada

  1. Are your trailers made in Canada? Yes, Rhino Trailers are proudly made in Ontario, and all our trailers are manufactured in North America.

Trailer Registration

  1. How do I register my trailer? Instructions for trailer registration can be found on Service Ontario’s website: Register Your Trailer.
  2. Do you register and license plate trailers? Generally, we do not register and license plate trailers unless special circumstances apply. The Ministry of Transportation has specific requirements for third-party registrations.
  3. What paperwork is provided for trailer registration? Upon full payment, we provide a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS) and a paid invoice with the VIN, Model Year, and Model number. Take these to a Service Ontario location to obtain a valid Vehicle Permit and License Plates.

Ministry of Transportation Towing Regulations and Advice

  1. I’ve never towed a trailer before, how do I get started? Basic towing information can be found on the Ministry of Transportation website: Towing Information.

Annual Inspection and Safety Certificates

  1. Do you perform annual inspections or issue safety certificates? No, we do not conduct annual inspections or issue safety certificates. The Ministry of Transportation mandates these to be done by approved Safety Certificate Mechanic Shops. Find approved shops here.
  2. Do pickup trucks and trailers require annual inspections/yellow stickers? Yes, if specific weight criteria are met. Exemptions exist for personal use pickup trucks meeting certain conditions.

Determining Registered Gross Weights

  1. How do I determine registered gross weights for trucks towing trailers? The registered gross weight (RGW) is crucial for commercial license plates. Instructions for determining RGW can be found on the Ministry of Transportation website.

Safety Certificates for Trailers

  1. Do I need a safety certificate for my trailer? The need for safety certificates depends on the use and weight of your trailer. For more information, visit Commercial Vehicle Safety Requirements.
    • As of July 1, 2019, personal-use pickup trucks and trailers are exempt from annual inspections.
    • Commercial vehicle safety regulations are strictly enforced, and non-compliance may result in fines.

Feel free to explore the provided links for detailed information. If you have further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Drive safely!
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